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Installing and Running the Sample Code
#Create a folder for the Profiler in the NAV Development Environment Add-Ins folder and the Server Add-ins folder of NST.
#Copy all files from the project output into the Add-ins folders.
#Important!!! Open properties for the EtwPerformanceProfiler.dll and Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.TraceEvent.dll (right mouse click in the Windows Explorer and choose Properties). Make sure that DLLs are not locked. Unlock them if they are locked.
#Import and compile the application objects from the App Objects folder.
#Important!!! Open the Server CustomSettings.XML file and change EnableFullALFunctionTracing property from false to true. This specifies whether full C/AL method tracing is enabled when an ETW session is performed.
#When this setting is enabled, all C/AL methods and statements are logged in an ETL log file.
#Restart NST.
#Run the Page 50000.

If you want to analyze ETL file here is an article, which describes how to collect ETL file for NAV.

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